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Hi, my name is

Andrew Johnson

Entrepreneur & Business Consultant

Consultant & Entrepreneur

In addition to operating my own businesses, I enjoy helping others thrive by improving their digital marketing strategies and business processes.

My Passion

Completed Projects

Awards Received

Consultant & Entrepreneur

About me

Since I built my first website in 2013, I’ve been helping businesses from individuals to mid-size companies with their digital marketing needs.

My Latest Projects

You can find some of the featured projects here. To see my older projects, please contact me.
Consultant & Entrepreneur
Consultant & Entrepreneur
Consultant & Entrepreneur


One of my passions is illustration. Here are some of the works created in my free time. Please make a purchase to support me.

Consultant & Entrepreneur
Consultant & Entrepreneur

My services

What I do…

My main focuses are design, development, app, and UI/UX design. There is no specific rates (price list) because every project is unique. If you want a quote on your projects, please contact me. I normally respond my emails within 24 hours except weekends and holidays.

Consultant & Entrepreneur


All general design services are covered from logo branding to complete web app/site design.


Whether it is an Android, iOS or web app, I provide full development from design to app launch. You get to test live prototypes before deployment.


The development can be done in-house. From design straight to development all done here, cut the hassles in communication and going back & forth with revisions between companies.

UX/UI Design

Got an existing site/app that needs to be fixed or redesigned? Having a good user experience (UX) is essential for better conversions and user engagements. I can help to review and redesign your existing projects.


and Experience

2016 – Present



Officially founded the studio where I provide a complete design and development service.



Web Developer

Transitioned from design to development, I helped the company to code their web app along with a large team.



Junior Designer

Although it was a junior designer title, but I got a great opportunity to work with the team on a large scale project.




Participated in an internship program where I assisted the team in various design & development projects.


My Works

Consultant & Entrepreneur

Get in Touch

Tell Me About Your Projects

No project is too big or small. If you need a quick quote on your upcoming projects, send me a message. Your quote is normally responded within 24 hours (of course excluding weekends and holidays).